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Note: Our guides are all volunteers. In some cases, we may be unable accommodate a tour request. The more time in advance and flexibility you have, the easier it is to confirm a tour.

     Options are great!                  More dates = More flexibility
[Click here for school tours (grades 4-12)]

Thank you for inquiring about arranging for a private City Guides tour for your group. You may use this form:

If you are submitting a booking request, you will need to complete ALL of the items marked with an asterisk. If you are requesting further information, fill out as much as you can.

In either case, before you complete the form below, please review the information on the "group tour" page of the City Guides website. (You can open that page in a separate tab or window of your web browser by clicking on this link:

Completing the form below and clicking the "Submit request" button at the bottom of the page will transmit your request to the City Guides office and our volunteer coordinator of special tours.

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A request to book a tour As soon as we receive your request, we will contact the City Guides who are trained to give the tour you have requested to see if one of them is available on any of the dates you specify below to conduct the special tour for your group. Please note: Our guides are all volunteers, so once a volunteer is available to give your tour we will contact you to confirm and hold your tour dates with a deposit of $150 ($120 for senior groups). If we are not able to find an available guide/volunteer we will contact you within two weeks after we receive this request form.

A request for additional information Our volunteer coordinator for special tours will be in touch with you by phone or email as soon as possible.

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Please use this section to give us some information about your group and its interest in this tour. You also may use this section to ask any questions you may have that are not answered by the website link above.
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